Create Profitable Membership Sites With OptimizeMember Quickly and Hassle Free

OptimizeMember is a fully functioning membership system. Giving you powerful features you need to run a membership site.

The Problem is that there are a lot of options, lots of gotchas and little training. In fact until you have created and launched a membership site you won't know what you've done wrong.


For example most people don't change the default welcome email at all. As a result it mainly gets sent to customer's Junk/Spam Mail Folder. If it does arrive the instructions just lead to confuse your new member, generating support emails and headaches for you.

Create It Right First Time...

The OP2 Member Master Course takes you step by step through creating a site the right way. Watch over the shoulder as a real life product site is created. Follow along step by step.

During the course you will learn:-

  • Step by step instructions - all you need to go from a bare WordPress Install to a Fully functioning Payment Taking Membership Site
  • 3 ways to organise your membership site.
  • How to best use access levels and packages
  • Why you shouldn't use the OP Theme for your main pages
  • Why the standard welcome email sucks.
  • 4 Common Mistakes that people make when testing their payment buttons
  • Why ___ is the best way to protect your downloads
  • How to setup and selling upgrades to your members
  • How to welcome new and old members with different content.
  • Advanced page creation like full featured support pages for free

While creating the course I hit several roadblocks and enhancements I just had to solve. To save you the same struggle I created the OP2Member Optimizer Plugin. Create targeted upgrade pages, change the content within a page based on current membership levels and more...

More Than $197 Value 

I was worried it would not be detailed enough for a beginner…. This was a life saver! I had already purchased OP2 and was trying to learn how to use the Membership feature. Unfortunately, OP2 Membership does not come with detailed instructions and since I am a beginner, was very confused by the whole process and worried I had wasted my money on OP2. I was left to find my own resources for learning which was very time consuming. All changed when I found OP2 Member Master. What a life saver.

- Julie Siomacco

Ease of understanding, clear step by step instruction and completeness (all aspects of a membership site). I would recommend the OP2 Member Master because the training is complete and removes the need for trial and error.

- Anthony Smith

The Complete Course

Making A Start

  • Before You Start – The Prerequisites & Planning
  • Quick Installation
  • How Things Are Organised

First Steps

  • Levels and Packages
  • Initial Pages
  • Lesson Pages
  • Securing Content – Adding The Missing Piece – The Login Page
  • Changing the Welcome Email
  • Different Ways To Set Page Protection

Taking Payment

  • Setting Up The Sales Page
  • Paypal Settings and Button
  • Testing Your Button Avoiding The Common Pitfalls

Email Autoresponders

  • Setting Up Aweber Links
  • Setting Up Mailchimp Links

Protecting Your Downloads

  • Protecting Downloads On Your Own Site
  • Using Amazon S3 – An Overview
  • Video – The Options

Adding More Content

  • Adding More Content – Over To You

The Clever Stuff

  • Creating a Support Page
  • Drip Feeding Content
  • Organising Lots of Pages
  • Selling Upgrades
  • Different Contents For Different Packages
  • Bonus Plugin  to control page content based on purchases
  • Setting Up Progress Tracking - Learn from member usage
  • Member Management
  • Setting Up Affiliate Systems

Keeping You On Track

Now With Personalised Progress Tracking

Each module comes with a check list to make sure you are staying on track. View the overall progress page to see how far you've come and what is left to do to create your profit pulling membership site.

Your Bonuses

We even help fill in some missing pieces in OptimizeMember with a Bonus Plugin which

  • Helps you create upgrade pages that only show the upgrade information your member needs to see.
  • Allows you to show different content on a page based at the OptimizePress Row or element level.
  • Makes it easy to include content based on how long your member has been signed up.

As a second bonus you will be able to download the lesson and product templates we used.

I’m confident you’re going to love OP2 Member Master. People just like you have used it to create membership sites quickly and easily that deliver valuable content to their customers.

If you change your mind in the next 30 days and decide that OP2 Member Master isn’t for you… You can get a Full Refund simple by login in to your deal guardian account. Finding your purchase and clicking the refund button. Within 2 days the deal guardian system will automatically process your refund, even sooner if I am online at the time.

I want you to have complete peace-of-mind when you use OP2 Member Master to create the membership site you deserve which is why I’m offering this guarantee.

The whole concept of creating a OP2 membership site was fully explained in easy to understand videos enabling me to build my site. I didn't have to wait for drip fed content - I could work at my own pace and I could watch the videos ahead of creating to have a clearer understanding.

Support - absolutely brilliant.

The course made a very daunting and confusing task not only understandable but possible!

- Linda Candy

P.S. Don't forget that using the OP2 Member Master Course you will be taken by the hand step by step through creating your own membership site with OptimizeMember from start to finish. Giving you a product to sell that you are proud of. You can do it the easy way or keep struggling by passing up this offer.



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